At  Homestead Federal Credit Union, we offer many different types of accounts, suiting needs of all different kinds. Check out some of what we offer below:

Basic Share Savings Account

Initial deposit and minimum balance requirement is $25.00.  There is no fee for opening or closing the account, unless the account has been opened for less than 6 months.

Share Savings Sub-Accounts

Christmas and Vacation Clubs are available.

Share Draft/Checking Account

There is no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service fee.  No dividends are paid.  Some restrictions apply.

Share Certificate Account

Minimum initial deposit is $500.00.  Certificates are issued for 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months.  Rates change weekly.  Dividends are paid quarterly.  A substantial penaly is imposed if certificate funds are withdrawn before the maturity date.


Dividends are calculated from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal and are paid quarterly, except for Holiday Club accounts.  Dividend payments are based upon the earnings of the Credit Union.  Dividends are declared and after the close of the dividend period.  Rates paid last quarter are available upon request.

VISA(R) Debit Cards and VISA(R) Credit Cards

Come in and sign up for a new card.

Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance

Insurance coverage is available for loans.  Some exclusions and restrictions apply.  Premiums are calculated on your loan balance and are added to your loan monthly.